The all-new PDF Max 2014 for iPhone/iPad to come soon!

As recently announced, we are working hard on the all-new version of PDF Max our flagship app. PDF Max 2014 will include 3x faster performance, an innovative design and an incredibly smooth handwriting engine.

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The PDF Studio on the go!

PDF Max – The #1 PDF Reader for all major mobile platforms

PDF Max is the 5-star rated, full-featured PDF app used & trusted by millions of mobile users world-wide. It’s designed for those of us who are looking for full-featured PDF annotating, form-filling & note-taking in a single app,  so that you don’t need to pay extra money for other apps.

PDF Max is a shining example of a well-executed and thought-out app


PDF Max Makes Annotating Documents a Snap on Both iPhone and iPad


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Available for Mac OS 10.7+

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Available for Android 2.2+

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Available for Kindle Fire

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Wonder the differences between PDF Max Pro and PDF Max Free for iPhone/iPad? Here is the answer!